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Washington "Nationals" Literacy Center

As we approach the giving season, the Washington Literacy Center asks that you consider the gift of education – a gift that could have an impact on generations of DC area residents to come.

One in five adults in DC cannot perform above the 5th grade level in either math, reading or both, a deficit made more pronounced with the increasingly large gap between the wealthy and those who live in poverty in America’s capitol city.  Many economic studies show that an increase in education directly correlates to an increase in salary, which means less reliance on government funded programs for the poor, and increased contributions to the GDP. 

For each adult who successfully completes our literacy program, we spend $8,333.  A contribution of any size can help the Washington Literacy Center continue to provide reading, math and workforce classes, in addition to an English Language Learner(ELL) curriculum for new immigrants who struggle to read even in their native languages.    

On behalf of the board, staff, and students of the Washington Literacy Center, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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