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Main Street Child Development Center

Can you imagine being a preschooler and facing big world problems?

What did you have for breakfast today?  How about lunch?  Jacob’s family is having a tough month and can’t provide their family with adequate healthy food.  Thanks to your support, Jacob will have two nutritious meals and 2 healthy snacks during his day at Main Street, and we are sending home a grocery gift cards to help his family purchase dinners.

Have you ever lost a loved one?  When Mario’s sister passed away from cancer, our on-site mental health specialist was there to help Mario grieve; your support made it possible for him to be prepared to start kindergarten on time.

What have you read today? Gabriela’s parents don’t read or speak English, but because of your support she is learning foundational literacy skills at Main Street that will build future school success. 

When have you had to cope with an illness?  Kaitlin’s family lost the subsidy that covered a large part of her tuition when her mom needed to stay home with her medically fragile baby sister.  Your donations to our Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund made it possible for her to stay in school and continue to enjoy her friends and daily routine.

Big world problems are mitigated with your generous support for our children and our efforts to offer them an enriched learning and growing experience.

Today is the day you can change the life of a child at Main Street.  Donate Today!

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