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Hope Connections for Cancer Support

Give Hope!

Give a little to do BIG THINGS!

Help us add the groups you have been asking for !

Hope Connections offers programs of emotional support, wellness and HOPE as people go on their cancer journeys. Every month, we offer 50 support groups, 50 Mind/Body programs, and  monthly educational offerings, and social events!


We are dedicated to offering the programs YOU WANT  through our FREE programming!! 

We have been adding  programs as fast as we can to keep up with demand. In the past two years we’ve added Strength and Balance, T'ai Chi, and Pink Ribbon Pilates. We’ve been lucky enough to have a volunteer instructor for T'ai Chi!  

 If we can raise $10,000 today, we can keep up with demand for Mind/Body programs and pay our T’ai Chi instructor.  As we promised when we were founded, we will do it all FREE OF CHARGE to people with cancer and their loved ones. 


Please help us take advantage of our donors’ $5000 Challenge Match! If you can give between 12 and 1pm,  we will also be eligible for the Catalogue for Philanthropy's $2000 prize for most donations during this time. No amount is too small.  Think of the value you get from these classes and the help you can give someone when they really need it!  



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