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Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

Since our inception in 2002, Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop has provided wraparound services in education and skill building to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated DC residents. By using the tools of books, writing, and community to awaken individuals to new possibilities for their future and support them in becoming powerful voices for change, in the year 2019, we have served over 1,000 youths and adults.

In the year 2020, we need your help in launching a new book club and writing workshop for women at the DC Jail. For the past seventeen years, we have not only witnessed the tremendous impact reading and writing can have on our members and the community, but also how healing and life-changing a book club and writing workshop can be when doubling as a safe space to share common interests, life experiences, and goals and dreams. We believe everyone deserves to experience hope and opportunity, and we are especially excited to expand our work to incarcerated women at the DC Jail.

"The books show me another world and make me look forward to living a good life when I come home. You changed my way of thinking.” -Free Minds member DeAngelo

Can you help us meet our stretch goal of $60,000 to continue our transformative work in 2020? With this funding, we will be able to provide ongoing support to the women in the book club when they are transferred to the prison system--including shipments of books, newsletters, poetry feedback, and personalized support.

  • $10 will buy one book for a woman incarcerated at the DC Jail
  • $50 will buy a full year of writing workshop supplies for 3 incarcerated women at the DC Jail
  • $120 will buy a full year of books for a woman incarcerated at the DC Jail
  • $300 will buy one facilitated book club session

Your support will make a life-altering impact. We can’t do it without you.


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