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Anacostia Watershed Society

Thirty years ago, the resilience and beauty of the Anacostia River inspired the formation of the Anacostia Watershed Society. This Giving Tuesday, you can give where you live and support our work to protect and restore our local treasure.  

The Anacostia Watershed Society is your boots on the ground – or waders in the riverbed – out in the field, the classroom, or the civic meeting leading the vision for what a clean and healthy river could be, should be, and can be. 

When you support the Anacostia Watershed Society, you help a local non-profit with decades of expertise working with hundreds of thousands of students and volunteers to achieve a cleaner, healthier Anacostia River. 

Our river is home not just to us, but to an amazing array of wildlife  - ospreys, beavers, freshwater mussels and more. We've celebrated the return of bald eagles to nest on the Anacostia River's shores, and each year our work restores acres of riverside meadows, wetlands, and forests that protect our river and invite all creatures to live here.

Starting from seed, the Anacostia Watershed Society is resowing critical river habitat...


Kingman and Heritage Islands here at the Anacostia River are rebounding so well that it provides some of the best habitat for our freshwater mussels, and is abounding with such wildlife that we were able to hold our annual Bioblitz there. With your help we can build these efforts and continue our successes so that the river is indeed swimmable and fishable.

This Giving Tuesday, why not give like a local and support your non-profit who gets results!

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